Director of Image Technologies, Dolby Labs

Walt Husak is the Director of Image Technologies at Dolby Labs, Inc. He began his television career at the Advanced Television Test Center (ATTC) in 1990 carrying out video objective measurements and RF multipath testing of HDTV systems proposed for the ATSC standard.

After ATSC testing was completed, Walt worked on issues related to the deployment of HDTV systems in the US and the rest of the world. Walt spent many years lecturing on topics such as video compression, RF transmission for DTV, and overcoming multipath signals in urban and rural environments.

Joining Dolby in 2000, Walt has spent the last several years studying and reporting on advanced compression systems for Digital Cinema, Digital Television, and Blu-ray. He has managed or executed visual quality tests for DCI, ATSC, Dolby, and MPEG.

He is now a member of the CTO’s office focusing his efforts on 3D for Digital Cinema and Digital Television. Walt provides industry lectures on Digital Cinema systems, image compression and 3D. Walt has authored numerous articles and papers for a number of major industry publications.

Walt is an active member of SMPTE, MPEG, JPEG, ITU-R, and SPIE. He currently chairs the SMPTE Frame Packing AHG in SMPTE and co-chairs the MPEG Frame Compatible AHG in MPEG.