Paul Bristow is Vice-President of Strategy at ADB, with specific focus on middleware and consumer experience. Paul concentrates on making digital television more enjoyable for consumers, while simultaneously making business easier and more profitable for pay TV operators. Paul is also ADB Group’s key representative within the Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) consortium.  He has been pushing forward the MHP and GEM specifications for twelve years   

Previously, Paul was the Chief Technology Officer at Osmosys, where he spent 5 years defining and deploying standards-based software solutions in DVB, tru2way & Blu-ray markets.  Prior to this he spent seven years driving technology strategy for Philips, working on interactive digital television, wireless home networking, personal video recording and internet services.  He went to Philips from Olivetti Personal Computers where he worked on the Olivetti Envision, the first real consumer PC with Video CD playback.

Paul qualified in Electronics and Telecommunications at the Southampton Institute of Higher Education in the UK.