Head of Technology, BBC Switchover Help Scheme

Nick Tanton joined BBC Research in 1972 and has worked on digital television ever since – on teletext, video noise-reduction, standards conversion, electronic and computer graphics, HDTV, digital coding and multiplexing and access services for DTV.  He has participated in various successful European collaborative projects, in EBU workstrands and in various initiatives to make television accessible to all.

He is currently Head of Technology for the BBC Switchover Help Scheme and his responsibilities include the specification and development of user-friendly receiving equipment to help older and disabled people through digital TV switchover in the UK.  He also chairs the DVB subgroup TM-SUB responsible for the technical standard for the delivery of subtitles with DTV services (EN 300 743).  This now includes support for the subtitling of plano-stereoscopic AV content.