Muriel Deschanel - Microsoft

Muriel Deschanel is a standards program manager at Microsoft and is responsible for working with standards organisations in Europe dealing with Internet Protocol TV (IPTV). She has been in this role for the last four years representing the Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft. She is the chair of the DVB-TM-IPI group which is the technical committee within DVB developing specifications for the delivery of TV services over fixed and home IP networks.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Muriel worked for TandbergTV and NDS where she was involved in various stages of product development for Digital TV solutions ranging from design engineering to project management.

Overall, she has been working on Digital TV for 15 years and on IPTV since 2002. Muriel Deschanel graduated as an electronic engineer from the French Grande Ecole “ENSERG” Grenoble’s National Institute of Electronics and Radio-Electricity; she combined her engineering degree with an advanced research degree in data processing.