Lorenz Glatz - KDG

Lorenz Glatz – CTO at Kabel Deutschland. Lorenz joined Kabel Deutschland in October 2006 to drive KDG’s network and services upgrade and next generation product implementation. His particular focus is to accelerate the upgrade and efficiency of the RF infrastructure as well as to build out a nationwide IP backbone infrastructure in Germany. In parallel his main focus is on creating advanced triple play services on top of that infrastructure.

Prior to his role at KDG Lorenz worked as the senior vice president of network and systems design & architecture for UPC, one of Europe’s biggest cable operators. In this role he has been responsible for design and implementation of the end to end broadband network and systems infrastructure of the UPC group. Amongst other things he led the design and implementation efforts to create Aorta, UPC’s international broadband network carrying data, voice and video as well as the build out of UPC’s national HFC, optical and IP networks as well as the associated video, voice and data services.

Previously Lorenz was the key designer at an ISP in Vienna, Austria and was working as assistant professor for classical mechanics at the technical university of Vienna

Lorenz was educated at the University of Vienna and the University of California, Santa Cruz and received an MSc. in Physics in 1995.