Jon Piesing has been active in middleware for interactive services since 1996. He has represented Philips in DVB activities in this field since 1997 and has been chairman of those activities since 2002. In addition to DVB, he has participated in DAVIC, ISO(MHEG), UK DTG (MHEG), CableLabs (OCAP), ATSC (ACAP), JCP(Java) and the Open IPTV Forum including taking chair/management roles in several of these organisations. He was heavily involved in discussions between the US cable TV and CE industries defining how OCAP could co-exist with manufacturer application software inside cable-ready televisions. As well as specification development, Jon has been involved in market enabling activities. He was heavily involved with inter-operability, compliance and certification for MHP and continues to be involved in this area for other more recent technologies. From 1998 to 2001 he managed Philips activities to produce a prototype MHP system and distribute it worldwide to broadcasters and application developers. Jon has worked for Philips in this field since 1986, in Philips Research until 2001, more recently in Philips Applied Technologies.