Director, ecoSkills Zone

Janet West first got her MSc in Environmental Chemistry in 1974 but it was too early, the environment was not the concern it is today. Since then she has had a diverse career as a commercial pilot, marketing manager with Kodak and Sony and been instrumental in developing high definition television markets in Canada and Europe. Since 1997 she has run a consulting business training many broadcasters in HDTV production including Sky.

With HD established as a standard format, in 2007 she returned to Surrey University full time to study for a master’s in Environmental strategy. Graduating in 2008, Janet works as a consultant in the broadcasting and transportation field helping companies develop a green agenda to balance profits with their impact on the planet. Janet also lectures in environmental science and transport emissions at Skema Business school in France and the University of Surrey. She is also helping develop projects in the broadcast industry to help ensure business sustainability.