Ildikó Sarkady was appointed government commissioner responsible for audiovisual media policy from 1 October 2007. She is accountable for audiovisual media policy within the framework of the Prime Minister’s Office (MeH) in Hungary. She had been with MeH since August 2006, working as senior media advisor. Dr Sarkady was the elaborator of the strategy of the digital exchange, of the law of broadcasting and digital exchange, and she initiated the overall reform of the media regulation. Currently controls the elaboration of the law of the audiovisual media regulation.

After collecting her law degree from Eötvös Loránd University Budapest, she started working as a legal counsel and established a practice in 1993, where she served as a legal representative and advisor on media law. During these years, she was advisor to the president of public television company MTV and senior partner at German publishing house Axel Springer’s local affiliate. Besides this work Dr Sarkady has participated in the activities of several organizations, including the National Advertising Self-regulatory Body, the Hungarian Advertising Association and the Council of Copyright Experts. Her book, Media Law Studies, was published in 2005. Since August 2007, Dr Sarkady has been owner of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary.