Former Deputy Director, EBU Technology & Innovation; EBU Consultant; Chair DVB-CM-3DTV ; Chair DVB-CM-UHDTV

David Wood is the former Deputy Director of EBU Technology & Innovation. The European Broadcasting Union (EBU is the collective organisation for Europe’s 65 national broadcasters, and has a further 60 Associate Members from the rest of the world. It acts in matters of common interest to its members in television, radio, and multimedia, in sports coverage, news coverage, music, drama, and documentary, and in legal and technical matters. David has chaired new media co-ordination activities for the EU IST programme for many years, and chaired several Working Groups in the ITU and most recently the DVB Commercial Module 3DTV group. He is particularly interested in the future success of radio as a media form in the new media environment, and in the evolution of audio components of television. David was educated at Southampton University in the UK, the UNIIRT in Odessa, and the Harvard Business School, in the United States. He worked for the BBC and the IBA in the UK before joining the EBU.