Christoph Schaaf - KDG

Chair, DVB TM-C2
New Technologies, Kabel Deutschland

Christoph Schaaf holds a Degree in Engineering from the ‘Technische Universität of Darmstadt’.

In 1981 he became Scientific Staff Member of the Deutsche Telekom Research Institute in Darmstadt, working on digital multiplex technologies till 1992. Then he started working at Deutsche Telekom on Strategies and System Aspects for Broadcasting. In1994 he changed to the Broadband Communication section, where he was responsible for new digital technologies for CATV-Systems. 1999 to 2002 he worked with ‘Media Services’ and from 2002 onwards in the engineering departments of ‘Kabel Deutschland’. For three years he was responsible for the Digital Broadcasting Platform of KDG. Since April 2005 he is leading a team addressing New Technologies for Digital Broadcasting, Broadband Access, Telephony and CATV network systems in KDG. Since 2007 he chairs the DVB-C2 project at DVB.