Ben Keen has been instrumental in building Screen Digest into the world’s premiere research company focusing on the media and entertainment space. As Chief Analyst, Mr Keen directs all the company’s research and consultancy activities. He has overall responsibility for the 100-plus major research reports published by the company since 1997 and the ongoing continuous strategic Intelligence services that Screen Digest supplies to hundreds of major clients, including Time Warner, Sony, ITV, Microsoft, NBC Universal, 20th Century Fox, Nintendo, BBC, Vodafone, Philips, The Walt Disney Company, Deutsche Telekom, Paramount Pictures, Cisco, Electronic Arts, Discovery Networks, Kodak, BT, JP Morgan, MTV, and Apple.

Renowned for his insight and vision, Mr Keen is one of the most sought-after speakers on the international conference circuit. He has delivered over 350 presentations and lectures, including keynote addresses at many international conventions. Additionally, he has contributed articles to more than 20 different books, magazines and newspapers. Since 1988, he has been retained as an advisor to the British Screen Advisory Council, a government-industry liaison organisation that counts the elite of the UK media management amongst its membership. Mr Keen has been an advisor to the CEO and Board of a leading TV technology manufacturer, and has consulted at board-level to a UK broadcaster Plc, a large entertainment retailer, a top 5 games publisher, a major public broadcaster, and the UK Film Council.