Senior Analyst, SNL Kagan

Ben Reneker is a Senior Analyst at SNL Kagan, and heads up the company’s international markets research team specialising in global pay-TV, over-the-top video and new media business models. He is the lead analyst on SNL Kagan’s web-based GLOBAL MULTICHANNEL & BROADBAND MARKETS SERVICE. Mr. Reneker also serves as a consultant for Kagan Media Appraisals specialising in international video competition, OTT, programming economics, mobile entertainment and emerging media technologies.

Prior to joining Kagan World Media in February 2002, Mr. Reneker operated as an independent new media and mobile device consultant while serving as founder and president of ReelMind, Inc. a streaming media affinity portal targeting independent film-makers and animators. Mr. Reneker holds a BA from The Colorado College and an MSc awarded with distinction from the London School of Economics and Political Science.