Antonio Arcidiacono is the Director of Innovation at Eutelsat in charge of all new projects. He is also the responsible of the S-band project on the Eutelsat side in the framework of the Eutelsat/SES Astra JV S-band initiative.

He has a Doctorate in Electronic & Telecommunications Engineering (1985) from the University of Pisa, Italy. He worked for SELENIA SPAZIO (Italy), TELESPAZIO (Italy) and at the EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY’s headquarters (ESA) in Paris.

He has worked for the European Telecommunications Satellite Organization (EUTELSAT) since April 1990. He was responsible for the first digital HDTV project for SNG applications in Europe, which provided the basis for digital TV. He was then responsible for the launch of the EUTELSAT Digital TV offer, launching the first DVB bouquet in Europe in summer 1995 (Viacom). This development has brought today Eutelsat to the distribution of about 3000 digital TV channels worldwide.

In January 1996, he was appointed EUTELSAT’s Head of Multimedia Services Unit. He has been a founding member of the DVB project and is member of the DVB Steering Board since 1993 when the Digital Video Broadcasting Project was first set up. He was at the origin of the idea of convergence between DVB and IP services and was Chairman of the DVB Data Broadcasting Group where he finalised the standard for DVB data (April 1997). This has been endorsed by over 300 companies worldwide and is today the de facto standard for the provision of IP broadcasting services and at the basis of the format used for the DVB-H services. More recently he has chaired the DVB SH Commercial Requirements group at the origin of the DVB SH standard.

He was the instigator for the creation of the EUTELSAT Multimedia Platform (EMP) initiative, then launched the OPENSKY service offer and today leads, as Director of Innovation, a team of highly qualified professionals.

He has published more than 100 papers and technical reviews at international conferences.