Andrea Venturi was born in 1966 in Italy. In 1993 he received a Masters degree in electronic engineering from the University of Bologna. In early 2008, he and Lorenzo Pallara founded a start-up focused on digital television solutions for broadcaster, hospitality and public administration: Avalpa. Within the company, Andrea plays many roles in Avalpa including marketing, commercial and administrative aspects.

Andrea has been involved in the development of interactive digital television services in Italy since the beginning of 2003, when he was working for his previous employer, Cineca, where he got acquainted to the open source strategy model and the experimental T-islessia project, an interactive TV game for school children suffering from dyslexia.  Since then, he has always pushed for an open and collaborative community and so he's still developing an open source approach for the Avalpa core products: OpenCaster the MPEG server and Jet the Java middleware for set-top boxes.