DVB World 2013 - Madrid, March 11-13

Beyond the Second Generation, Beyond the Second Screen


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Day 1 - Monday 11th March

Presentations Day 1


Pre-conference Masterclass
The Emerging H.265/MPEG High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) Standard
Thomas Wiegand & Benjamin Bross (HHI)


Registration, coffee & sandwich lunch

Keynote Session
Chair: Helmut Stein (Chair DVB Promotions and Communication Module)

Opening Remarks


Chairman's Address
Phil Laven (Chair DVB Project)


Keynote Address: Keeping the Digital Economy on the Road
In what kind of economic framework will media organizations and network providers operate in future? How can broadcasters, and especially public broadcasters, adapt in a broadband world using new technologies, strategies and DVB standards?
Just as countries require reliable roads for the transit of people and goods, our digital economy needs digital roads. But who should build these digital roads, what should they carry, and who should pay for them? In transport logistics we have public and private options, and the different transport technologies and methods are complementary. For digital media it will be the same. Public and private, broadcasting and broadband, will all have their role to play in future.
Lieven Vermaele (EBU)

Flagship Session

A Satellite View
How will satellites deal with the increasing demand for higher quality video and the connected TV trend, and continue to be an efficient delivery format? What impact will new efficient standards make?
Jordi Bosom (Hispasat)


DVB World Exhibitor Elevator Pitches
Our six DVB World exhibitors each get 3 minutes on stage to present their products and services.

14:45 Coffee, Networking and Exhibition

Innovation as a Driver of Pay-TV Take-Up
Sky subscribers can get exclusive content and 64 HD channels on their TV, tablets, phones and game consoles. Younger audiences consume video mainly through mobile devices, whereever and whenever it suits them. Where will this trend take us, and how can operators and broadcasters keep up?
Oliver Lewis (Sky Germany)


Hybrid Broadcast & Broadband Services at the 2012 Olympics
At the 2012 Olympics ZDF viewers were able to switch between the regular TV transmissions and 7 additional live broadband stream. How did the ZDF and users experience this new hybrid solution?
Andreas Bereczky (ZDF)


Digital TV in Spain: Major challenges in the short and medium term
How do Spanish viewers receive digital TV and what are the short and medium term challenges for DTT, spectrum and new hybrid and multi-screen services?
Pere Vila (RTVE)


DVB World Evening Event & Networking Dinner
Now that you've heard all about digital TV in Spain, it's time for another Spanish treat!
Join us at the hotel entrance at 19:00 for a walk to the world famous Corral de Moreria Flamenco Tablao show and dinner. The Tapas and Sangria dinner will start at 19:30.


Day 2 - Tuesday 12th March

Presentations Day 2

Beyond the Second Generation
Chair: Nick Wells (Chair DVB Technical Module; BBC R&D)

Power-Networking Coffee


Terrestrial Media Delivery - Beyond DVB-T2
Are TV standards such as DVB-T2, ATSC 3.0 or FOBTV ready to deliver media to phones and tablets? What if terrestrial TV disappears? Will there be an alternative to deliver media to mobile receivers?
Ulrich Reimers (Technical University Braunschweig; Former Chair DVB-TM)


DVB-S2: Enhancing a Great Standard
Published in 2005, DVB-S2 was the most advanced system at the time. Professional distribution, DSNG, contribution and UHDTV now demand a more efficient solution. What are the commercial and technological drivers behind efforts to implement and standardize enhancements to DVB-S2.
Thomas Wrede (SES; Chair DVB CM-BSS)


Panel Discussion: Beyond the Second Generation DVB Standards
Including: Ulrich Reimers (TUBS), Thomas Wrede (SES; Chair DVB CM-BSS), Christoph Schaaf (Kabel Deutschland; Chair DVB TM-C2), Ines Sanz (Hispasat)


Coffee, Networking and Exhibition

How Much for that Data?

The True Cost of OTT
Different types of players are now offering multiple TV services on multiple devices. What are the economics of online vs. broadcast delivery and the control of the connected device experience?
Tom Morrod (Screen Digest)


OTT with Multicast: Enabling Quality, Scale and Economics of TV Today
Consumers are increasingly demanding 24/7 video on more and more devices. How can native and AMT Multicast (Automatic Multicast Tunneling) make the increase in OTT streaming profitable for linear broadcasters?
Scott Brown (Octoshape)


Video Perspective of an Operator
In just a few years, technology evolution has reshaped the pay-TV ecosystem, changing consumer behaviors and changing the status quo of a market, where telecom companies play an important role.
Fernando Soto (Telefonica)


Networking Lunch and Exhibition

Beyond Broadcast
Chair: Peter Siebert (Director DVB Project Office)

DVB-S2 in Contribution Networks
What is involved in running the world’s largest TV contribution network for news, sports and special events and what role do DVB standards play in optimizing the network?
Graham Warren (Eurovision/EBU)


DVB-RCS2 Beyond Broadcast
The Return Channel Satellite specification is nowadays mostly used outside of the world of TV. What are some of the professional non-broadcast applications of the first and second generations of DVB-RCS?
Damian Palenzuela (Global IP)


UHF Spectrum Isuses at the ITU
The World Radiocommunication Conference of 2015 (WRC-15) is of critical importance for broadcasters. What activities will help develop the technical basis to take the related decisions at WRC-15?
Nangapuram Venkatesh (ITU)


Coffee, Networking and Exhibition

Broadcast Building Blocks & Beyond

CI Plus - Delivering Value to Content Distributors and CE's
Since 2008 the CI Plus specification has been adopted by over 100 companies and over 200 million device certificates have been shipped. What are the next steps, features and form factor that DVB is considering?
Mark Londero (Sony)


The Emerging H.265/MPEG High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) Standard
If you were not able to attend the DVB World Masterclass, here's another chance to learn about HEVC. How does HEVC work and what are the deployment expectations for this new compression standard?
Benjamin Bross (HHI)


Madrid Panoramic bus tour
Join us at the hotel entrance for a 1.5 hour city tour (registration required!) Return at 19:30

Day 3 - Wednesday 13th March

Presentations Day 3

Beyond the Second Screen
Chair: David Wood (Former Deputy Director of EBU Technology, Chair DVB-CM-3DTV, Chair DVB-CM-UHDTV)

Second Screen Technologies: Choices, Challenges and Opportunities
What are your second screen technology choices, and how do those choices impact what you can offer? Do the choices make life easy or hard for the users? And what can DVB do to simplify all this?
Kevin Murray (NDS/Cisco, Chair DVB-TM-CSS)


The Business of Second Screen Video
Second screen momentum is growing fast as broadcasters and pay-TV operators look to multiscreen strategies to boost revenues. We will look at key deployments, content, usage and business models.
Ben Reneker (SNL Kagan)


The Any-Screen Consumer: Understanding Demands and Expectations for TV-Anywhere Services
TV is evolving faster than ever and research of 460M TV and media consumers shows clear changes in consumer demand, habits and perceived value. Can service providers and content owners keep up?
Simon Frost (Ericsson) - Interview by Myra Moore (DTC)

10:30 Coffee, Networking and Exhibition
Higher Definitions and Dimensions
11:15 Technology Developments for Content Creation in 4K
4K is now on the agenda of a growing number of producers and broadcasters.  What are the latest tools available to create immersive 4K content?
Peter Sykes (Sony)

Glasses-free 3D for the Home
3D is a big hit in the cinema, but has so far failed to be widely accepted in the home due to different viewing habits. Will glasses-free autostereo displays change that paradigm? What are the challenges?
Walt Husak (Dolby)


Back to the Future: Part IV at last
Using a Trabant instead of a DeLorean, David Wood drives through today’s landscape of tablets, connected TV's, 3DTV, 3D audio, UHDTV and high frame rates. How will the public react? Are idea cycles now running much faster than roll-out cycles - and faster than the public can absorb? Who will be the winners and losers? What will need to be done by DVB? Come ready to express your views!
David Wood (EBU)

Conference Wrap-up
Phil Laven (Chair, DVB Project)

DVB World 2013 Conference & Exhibition closes

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